What is the Best Board Room Format?

The best format for a boardroom is one that is suitable for your size group, topics for the meeting, and the desired level of interaction. Each layout has advantages and disadvantages. There are also several other factors that impact the success of a conference or workshop.

The classic boardroom layout comprises of a single table in the center of the room with seats around it. Often used for agenda-focused meetings and video conferences that require open discussion, this layout can seat up to 25 people. This kind of style board room center com is suited for groups that have a designated leader who will keep the group on track and guide the group.

Similar to a conference table with tables placed closer close together, the layout of a classroom gives better visibility for participants and is able to accommodate more than 20 people. This type of layout is more designed for workshops that have smaller groups and group discussions, as opposed to the layout of a boardroom, which can feel too cramped for some.

The theater layout is a popular choice for presentations or workshops with a large audiences. It features rows of chairs facing the front. This layout puts the focus on the audience, and allows speakers to focus their attention on specific delegates or sections of the crowd. This arrangement may not be as interactive but it can keep the audience interested and engaged during sessions lasting more than an hour.

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